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Welcome Meeting: The INTAKE



The pathway to treat pain or improve your physical condition begins with the intake meeting. this meeting with your therapist includes a conversation about your current condition or injury, your goals and expectations and will also provide the framweork for what we will do together. We will collect information at this meeting, provide a record of the condition or injury, summarize - follow - up plans and referrals to and from other practitioners. Another purpose of the intake meeting is to identify potential contraindications (barriers to therapy) that might appear and may lead the therapist to choose alternative ways to treat the issue without causing harm to the person.

The intake meeting may take between 1 to 1.5 hours depending on what the goals of the treatment are. As a part of this meeting, the first assessment is performed - this is a physical evaluation of the injury or the physiological profile that will allow us to write the treatment for you.

There are two pathways we will discuss and decide upon (yes, the decision will be ours together): The path to the physical rehabilitation and the path to the physical fitness. You can read about both by navigating the main menu.

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