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Hi, I am Ariel

What my patients think ABOUT ME

I asked my clients and co-workers to define me in a few  words to help others understand who I am. These words came up most often.







3 of my best professional EXPERIENCES

1. One of my clients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis feared she wouldn't be able to resume some of her favorite activities related to her physical condition, specifically travel to other countries. I wanted to help free her from this barrier by setting goals. She told me her dream would be to travel to the Neues Museum in Berlin to see the bust of Nefertiti.


Six months later - after balance and strength training, she stood in front of the masterpiece with renewed confidence in herself. Since then she has traveled to another four countries and visited numerous museums. What the patient realized was that with the right support and therapy, she did not need to be limited by her condition and could still pursue her dreams.


2. A 26 year old patient, who had spent most of his life practicing sports was pursuing his career to become an athlete.  However, due to a motorcycle accident in 2011 this path seemed unlikely. He was hospitalized for 6 months and not to be able to walk, play sports or enjoy his life. His family asked me what hope there might be for improvement. My first question to him was about his personal goals.

He explained that he wanted to be able to move independently and be less restricted.

The process was challenging and took time and effort. However, where there is hope, together with knowledge and action - there is improvement. Today he is on the sailing Paralympics and walks with minimal limitations.


3. A 16 year old male suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder was hospitalized for several months, without much improvement in his condition. When we started working together on his body perception he showed a radical change in his mental and emotional condition. A few months later he was back in school, had a girlfriend and resumed most of his usual activities. Two years later his mother contacted me and reported he had had a full recovery related to the work we did together.

Why have I chosen to be...

A Sports therapist?

Because I wanted to help through a profession that involves healthy movement on non-healthy people. I always saw myself taking people from point A to point B, leading projects and educating for a better life. Today I know I couldn’t choose a better profession for myself.


Why Sports and Dancing?

I have never been a good athlete myself. I never danced. I am a bad competitor. But I always admired and wanted to support all these people who like to go and fight to bring themselves to the front line. I am a good inspiration for the amateur athlete and for the dancer. My knowledge of human behavior and stage gave me a good perspective which I can use as a tool to find the right solutions for the people who need my help.

This is my business's VISION


"When nothing else remains for me to learn,

the only remaining thing will be to die".

It might sound a bit extreme but I really believe on this. I know that I am the best therapist I can be NOW but tomorrow I will improve with experience and clinical hands-on but also with courses and interactions with other therapists, teachers and even patients. I always learn, from everybody.



“Knowledge is a free resource of the human kind. Although I have the degree, the experience and the therapeutic protocols, I have no right to keep this knowledge for myself”.

My patients should learn how to perform better, how to treat themselves and how to prevent the next injury - and MY duty is to make all this affordable during the patient-therapist relationship.



“The life on this planet has a constant interaction of giving and taking, and We, the humans have an important role in this”.

No matter what, we should always be connected to our “giving” part of the personality. And when I say “to give” is not to work or help a friend. Is just do something for someone you don’t know. Volunteering from time to time an hour every month for some cause you believe on. You don’t have to donate money or some product; giving an hour to people or animals is a great thing that may fulfill your soul and sometimes will be more remunerable than the money you could earn out this hour.


I have a degree in Sports Rehabilitation. I never stopped studying and received many awards and certifications throughout my career so at the end I “composed my own academic symphony” that includes a certification in Fitness, Ergonomics and Aquatic Rehabilitation.


Our Core of VALUES

1. Transparency

I know that when you are in pain you are more susceptible to be manipulated and you don't deserve that. That's why I always will be honest with you, provide you with the most accurate information about your condition along with the prices of the services I provide. I understand that being honest and transparent is the only way to be a good professional and to establish a strong and trusting connection with my patients.

2. Education

You have access to a lot of information but cannot always understand how accurate the information is. Part of my duty is to give you the right evidence-based sources of information so you can learn and understand the how's and why's of your condition and together we can make the best decision for you.

3. Sharing the responsibility

I am the therapist and I have the responsibility of leading the treatment, but you have the whole responsibility of your own body. I will bring the best of my skills to treat you and I expect from you to share the responsibility for the success. I have no rights over your body, and for that reason I will explain everything we do step by step. You have the responsibility of asking as much as you want to know to understand any decision taken during the treatment.

4. Fair prices

I value my time as well as yours. When I am with you, I dedicate myself to your case and I know that this is valuable. I don't take money in advance and I don't charge for things that I did not provide.

5. Confidentiality

I am committed to respect your confidentiality. You should know that anything that you say in the clinic, whether is connected to your physical or to your emotional condition, stays safe and confidential with me. If I want to consult with another professional medical staff about your condition, this will be only under your permission and consent.