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We PERFORM together

To understand the dancer´s injuries, it is necessary to understand more than orthopedics and rehabilitation: You must love, live, and know dancing. During my career as a dancer’s therapist, I learned the techniques and positions of Classical Ballet, the mechanics of Hip Hop and Break dance, and the right way to Tap and do Jazz. Only when you feel it by yourself you can understand the dancers and their needs.


We PLAY together

Beyond talent, his physical condition determines whether a musician is at his best. Is the cellist's back and core strong enough to sit up straight and keep his hands forward for 30 minutes? Does the flutist have enough shoulder strength not to injure her neck after playing an entire 40-minute piece?
As with dancers, musicians have their privileged place in the world of physiotherapy, and understanding their professional needs allows me to treat each musician in a personalized way and teach them how to prevent injury.

What happens when a performer, dancer, or musician gets injured?

It’s impossible to expect a dancer to stop dancing or a musician not to play at the next concert, as it’s impossible to expect an athlete to stop competing. A professional performer needs to keep dancing tonight, even if there is an ankle sprain, hand lesion, or back injury.

The big question is how can we treat the injury without worsening the condition, to allow the orients to enjoy the masterpiece and still avoid the pain?


This whole science requires much knowledge and experience from the therapist's side.


If an injury happens, I give the best and most secure treatment right away to allow the dancer to continue dancing in the next show; simultaneously, I keep tracking the situation at the dancer's side, step by step, with caution to avoid unnecessary risks.


This is the stage, and what’s the most important commitment to the dancer’s show is not always possible, but a good therapist should try. The therapist is there for the performers, not for the injury.

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