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Welcome ZEBRAS!

If you are a patient dealing with EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) in your life, we want to tell you that we are proud to be at your side.

We understand what that means and the difficulties of daily living with EDS, Dysautonomia and POTS.

Our clinic welcomes EDS Type 3 patients (hEDS) to become a part of our group, receiving all the support for the symptoms you may need to deal with.

In most cases, we approach the hypermobility combining manual therapy and aquatic therapy, which is the most beneficial and long-term joint and muscle stabilization therapy.

Is AQUATIC THERAPY good for me?

Aquatic Therapy (known also as Hydrotherapy), is considered one of the most effective and safe approaches in the rehabilitation world, especially for patients with muscular/neurological dysfunction who can benefit from the gentle form of the water, the soothing temperature and the low impact on the joints. Typically, a session in the water lasts between 30-45 minutes, depending on the patient's endurance and general condition. Since the water is a more comfortable environment than land, the first sessions are relatively short, to prevent exhaustion and over-doing. During the session, the patient will experience working on buoyancy, resistance, cardio-respiratory endurance, STAMINA!!!!, and no less important, relaxation and mood stabilization as well.


Read more about aquatic therapy for EDS:




Some of the conditions we HELP with

Balance, coordination and movement perception

Cranio-cervical instability


Spinal posture

Postural dysfunctions



Joint dysfunctions and subluxations

TMJ syndrome

Poor joint positional sense (proprioception)

Joint hypermobility

Poor hand-eye


Haptic feedback

Upper back pain

Lower back pain and SIJ pain

We want you to know that WE CARE.

Understanding a person living with a genetic condition is crucial to lead the treatment plan. We are aware of your body's dysfunctions and needs, but not less important, we know you may also have some emotional aspects that we want to be supportive of. Anxiety, depression, fear, and frustration are things that we know are common among patients with chronic conditions, and it's important for us that you know that we are here for you. We care if you want to give up, we will encourage you to push forward. We care if you are depressed, we will enlighten your way with optimism. We care if you feel anxious about what you are going through, we will give you your space and respect your moments.



This is your BANK OF EXERCISES where you will find the most basic and important ones, curated specifically for "zebras".

Let's get some more KNOWLEDGE

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Theresa W.

I am 20 years old, diagnosed with EDS and have tried different treatments in many physical therapy clinics for neck pain, POTS and migraines. When I started combining the pool therapy with the other techniques this is when I finally  started feeling the real help.


Brian A.

Living with TMJ is a burden, especially when it flares up and your life is affected by not sleeping, eating or feeling good. Ariel combined different techniques in a unique way, that no one has tried before. The "out of the box" thinking is what helped my condition more than anything else.

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Sandra T.

My daughter was diagnosed with EDS, POTS and DYSAUTONOMIA at the age of 15. We got referred to Ariel for the strengthening of her hips and postural improvement. After two months of outstanding dedication, we started noticing the huge diffrence.


Annick V.

My teenage twins both have joint issues, pain, POTS/Dysautonomia along with other chronic illness. Ariel has a deep understanding of chronic illness and the limitations that can come from underlying health issues. We have seen great improvements with strength and stamina in a short period of time, and are always amazed how well he can address and improve pain in just one visit! Ariel is very personable, encouraging, and has an office that is clean, comforting and fully equipped to address any problem. Most of all, his treatment plan is customized based on your needs and we have personally seen quick improvements with stamina, injuries, flexibility, strength, and pain.