Although they are no dangerous, many symptoms, affect the quality of life, eating, yawning, sleeping, and more.

The reason is not absolutely clear,

but we know that it is more prevalent

among women in 80% compared to men.

Patients report that eating and sleeping

are the most affected of all the symptoms.

A dentist commonly treats this condition since tooth pain is one of the symptoms that may appear,

confusing the patient as a teeth problem.

The dentist can treat TMJ by prescribing pain killers,

anti-inflammatories, and in some cases,

a night mouth guard to prevent tooth damage.



Since the dentist's treatment is for acute pain and to prevent future damage, you may want to get rid of this condition

as soon as possible.

For that reason, we combine a manual treatment that includes intra-oral massage, trigger point release in the surrounding muscle, neck treatment, and more.

Our patients improve significantly their sleeping, focus, resting, and decrease stress right after the first treatment.

They report that after 3-5 treatments

they can barely remember they suffer

from any condition in that area, 

and don't need any further intervention for months.

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