The Physical Rehabilitation service

To treat a physical condition requires a skill set. To treat the whole person requires an artist! This requires the artist to be a good listener to understand the patient's desires and expectations.

After the intake - the first meeting at the clinic, we agree on a therapeutic plan. Everything is written down including the short and long term goals set, the techniques used and follow-up evaluations to be performed. Another important thing we will discuss in the plan is the homework. Yes - there will be treatmets in the clinic you will be shown new and varied activities to improve your condition' but this is the initial step (education) in the process. Your body needs to regain movement, strength and posture at a pace comfortable for you. Between visits you will continue some activities at home and these will be an essential part of your recovery.

Remember: YOU are the center of your recovery, there's no effective treatment for an injury without taking positive, continous steps to maintain and improve your finction and health. Even early gains in the form of relief from pain and improved functionality can be lost without continued effort.

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