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Let's LEARN together


One of the goals I set to myself is to educate about health and lifestyle, and I decided to do it when I understood that you and me, we are lead in wrong ways by commercials, gossip and non professional people that sell us whatever they want us to believe is right for us.

In this system, the more ignorant you are, the poorest and unhealthy you are.

We all know about the statistics about the obesity and attention deficit that young adults and kids suffer but seems to be that we can't fight that.

Well, YES WE CAN and it's in our hands.

All we need is more knowledge about what is right for us.

As a wellness coach, I'll avoid telling you what to do, what to eat and how to think, I will invest my time teaching you how to learn from good and reliable sources of information what is the right approach FOR YOU when it comes to lifestyle.

This system is not for those who want to deliver the responsibility for their wellness in another person, coach or guru. My system which is been proven for years to work right, is for those that want to say enough to wasting money in diets, supplements and google search in the wrong pages.

I invite you to participate my workshop which is a whole new learning experience for you, for other participants and always for me too.

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