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The road begins here

Always wondered why EVERYBODY can and you are... (choose the word).

Well, no. All you need is to set the right goal and start getting the knowledge.


For some social reasons, fitness and wellness became something for those who can, those who have the right body, those who are consistent and perseverant, those who go to the gym.


All this is not true.


You don't have to be a member to any gym in order to workout, you can use your neighborhood, the park, and some little equipment if you need.


What you really need is:

1. The desire

2. Knowledge from someone who listens to you


I can give you n. 2.

You just need to come with an open mind, enthusiasm  and patience to take part in a long and exciting journey that is going to change your life.

What can I assure to you is that if you come with a ¨NOW¨ deadline, it won´t work. Examples for the ¨NOW¨deadlines:

" I am getting married in three months and I want to wear this wedding dress, for which I need to lose 30 pounds".

" I decided to take care of myself. I want to run a 10K next month".

" I am here because my wife / husband / partner told me that I need to look better".

"I know that the steroids are gonna be good to growth muscle mass... It's just for a short time period and I can stop whenever I decide".


If you are one of these persons, probably we won't be able to work together, since I am committed to my profession, my ethics, and my clients.















What's the main characteristics of the Physical Fitness service in my clinic?

I work with new clients when they are "TABULA RASSA" which means, they come clean of previous bad experiences and with the desire of learning. My workouts are mainly FUNCTIONAL, which means it's minded to develop, encourage and improve in functional activities that are an essential part of our life.


The key principles of my program are:

1. Develop and correct your workout technique to improve performance and avoid injuries.

2. Keep a good and balanced nutrition, free of "book instant diets". In my clinic, we STOP RIGHT AWAY working out with clients that without any medical reason are on a restrictive diet since this kind of diets can't provide the right nutrients needed for a good health and the energy to workout.

3. Muscles are no the only thing to develop in your body. There is also the flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture. If you don't want to work on all the 5 components of a healthy body, probably you won't find my way suitable to your desire.

4. Aerobic activity is not an optional part of our physical activity, is an INTEGRAL part of it and it doesn't need to be hard and boring. I can give you lots of ways to do it fun and enjoyable.


After all, this said, what is left is to try it.

Core Training - Ariel Harlev
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