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Let's DIGEST some info



If you are one of these people who feels overwhelmed from the information you get about your nutrition, don't feel bad, you're not alone.

But now the time to get smart has came and you have me, your personal trainer in this field too.

My purpose is not to tell you what to eat and supervise you, but to teach you how to choose right.

The training program has 4 modules, each of them is interactive and enjoyable, easy to understand and what matters, you can start using the information right away!

Module 1:

Myths - what we believe is wrong may be right and the right may be wrong. We will understand how accurate is the information we have, based on what you know.

Module 2:

The macro nutrients. We can't trust the commercials, so we need to bit them with knowledge. We will learn what are the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and the main sources of these. After having this info, we will learn how to look for the right products to consume.

Module 3:

The truth about the pills, powders and other magic diets.

Module 4:

Creating our own healthy plan according to who we are. This is the most personalized part of the program and of course, the most important, since it's about YOUR OWN NEEDS!

Each module can be learned online, on Skype with my guidance or in person. All is adjustable to you and to your needs.

The information given is for the whole family and kids are more than welcome to join the project!

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