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What we DO FOR YOU

Welcome to your wellness journey! A pathway to pain free living and a healthier you!

The next pages will take you on a tour of our clinical services, tell you more about the meaning of our clinical evaluations and point our some of the unique techniques we use.


The first meeting will be dedicated to getting to know each other: The therapist needs to know THE PERSON suffering from the injury in addition to details about the physical ailment. That first meeting is called THE INTAKE and provides us the platform of information we will use together to form the treatment plan. 


Read more about the INTAKE meeting by clicking here.


Once we have collected all the needed information about the person and their physical condition we can choose goals, talk about timelines and how best to proceed.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Fitness

The process of healing from a physical condition requires techniques, technology, knowledge but more than all these it requires adaptation to the patient's needs. Not everyone can work in the pool and the deep tissue massage can be hard to tolerate for some persons.





Read more about the PHYSICAL REHABILITATION service by clicking here.

This is the training for those who are looking to achieve a better and higher level of life. Our approach is HOLISTIC which means taking care of the whole person - body. mind and spirit. We are not just looking at a muscle group! This can be applied to those who are looking to improve their baseline fitness and well being, or over persons whose goals include competitive sports.


Read more about the PHYSICAL FITNESS service by clicking here.

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