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Assessments and Evaluations

There are lots of tests we can perform to understand your issue and how to improve your condition. On this page, you will find a few of these assessments grouped by categories.

By Clicking on each test, you will be able to read more about it.



Take stock of yourself and what challenges could prevent you from reaching your goals.

Roughly 30% of people that embark on a new health & fitness routine keep this habit for life. The rest let something stop them from making progress within three months.

One of my most interesting tasks is to find out together what your “something” may be and help you overcome it.

How does it work?

There are lots of ways to assess behavior patterns. The key to motivation and implementation of a new health routine that will succeed lies in understanding the individual and what what they need.

I need to ask the right questions and really listen to your needs to adjust the program to who you are. Once we find the right activities that motivate you, they're going to keep you in the program we build for life, rather than for months.


These evaluations contribute to the understanding of the skeleton, muscles, posture and soft tissue functions.

Some of the special tests performed are:

  • Postural Assessment

  • Manual Muscle Testing

  • Joint Mobility and ROM

  • Balance and Coordination assessment

  • Special Orthopedic Tests


Provides understanding about how you use your body at work and in your daily functions.

This evaluation is performed with the use of measurement tools and digital technology. This testing is done at your home or work place in which the individual wants to improve his performance or avoid a potential injury. Since this evaluation is connected directly to the environment it needs to be assessed on location:

  • Home

  • Office

  • Other environment where you work


To understand how your body systems store and use energy, especially if you want to lose weight.

Body composition: How much muscle I have compared to other tissues?

Fat composition: How much of my body weight is composed of fat?

VO2MAX: How much oxygen I use in my aerobic activity?

Indirect Calorimetry (BMR test): How many calories I REALLY burn?

These tests and measurements can help you understand how to reach your goals.

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