Staying flexible is one of our most challenging tasks every person has, mostly those who work out regularly. Since I understood that most of my patients come to the clinic with mobility and flexibility related dysfunctions, I decided to give EVERYONE the opportunity to feel in less than 20 minutes how we can become more flexible with less discomfort and pain.


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The best exercises for runners

If you are a runner, triathlete or marathon athlete, and went off-season, you have to keep in shape. Here you have the best basic exercises for you.

How do you run?

Have you ever been assessed in your running technique?

Did you know that your running shoe can tell EVERYTHING about your mechanics and posture?

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basic exercises for Off-Season



Excellent experience. Exactly what I needed to heal and get rid of pain. I highly recommend.


Ariel is very knowledgeable and friendly. Not only has he helped alleviate some of my physical ailments, but I always walk out of his office knowing a little bit more about my own body as well. Would definitely recommend.


This place has been a godsend. I've been working with Ariel for over a year and have achieved more with him than I have working with multiple Physical Therapists. He is attentive to your situation and understands the best approach. I know you may see a lot of reviews, but this is legit. I've referred friends to him with excellent results. I've written many reviews and have earned my Local Guide status so I hope you believe me when I rate E=motion a five star review.